Saturday, July 5, 2008

Furano Belly Button Festival

I’m so depressed today. I realized I will miss the amazing opportunity to dance in the Furano Belly Button Festival.

Furano is a town in Japan located in the middle or “belly button” of Hokkaido island. The locals of Furano decided that since they are the ‘belly button’ of Hokkaido – then it only makes perfect sense that they should hold an annual belly button festival!!! (so ingenious!) At this festival they strip their shirts and paint their belly buttons into a face with a crazy costume, props and dance the day away!

What makes matters worse is that not only will I miss the chance to SEE the belly button festival – but I will miss the chance to DANCE IN the festival! Yup… I received an e-mail from the Hokkaido JET forum which said: “Furano Tourism is recruiting members for its international dance team that will take part in the Furano Bellybutton Festival July 28 & 29. No dance experience is required, and anyone looking to get involved in a Japanese festival is welcome to join… Participants will have their bellies painted!”

I sadly arrive in Hokkaido July 30, 2008! So no belly button dancing for me this year. But at least I can start practicing for 2009.

YouTube video of the Furano Belly Button Fest

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