Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1st classes...

So I finished my first 2 days of actual teaching!

For those of ya JETs who are looking for ideas for high school. This one worked pretty well:

I put together a 25 minute slideshow introduction presentation about myself, my family, chicago, etc...

Instead of talking at the students for the full time I put together 25 numbered short questions and passed them out randomly amongst the students.

Then I told them to read their paper once I called their #....

I would say: Who is #1???? then they would say: "what is chicago famous for???"

I would answer - GOOD QUESTION! THANKS FOR ASKING!!! then show a corresponding slide to answer the question.

I also threw a bunch of funny ones in to get them laughing...

One paper read randomly: "Callie! You are soooo beautiful today!" Then i responded: WHY THANK YOU!!!

They died laughing. (if i heard crickets i would have the person repeat louder until they got the joke. :)

I also had them ask: "Do you have any pets???" (why yes i do!) What is your dogs name??? (gizmo! - showing pictures along the way) Then I threw in for them to say: "Callie - your dog gizmo is so cute!"

Another one was when I was talking about Fukudome being on the Chicago cubs. I put on my Fukudome headband and pretended to play baseball... then the next paper read: "Callie, your fukudome head band is so cool! SUGOI DESU NE!"

I think this got the students to practice speaking English in front of me in a relaxed and fun way...

I also would throw out american candy to the ones who asked or answered any questions I that weren't written down... and i gave a $1 bill to the first person who answered my very first question. they ate that up!!!

Off to my new school tomorrow. Not sure what to expect there! :)

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sb said...

i wish i could come up with stuff like that. i think i would just stand up there blinking and crying until someone carried me away on a stretcher. you rock.