Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sports day, eyebrow shaving and small faces

School is finally back in session! I was at the Hokkaido orientation Mon - Wed. so I returned to my high school today to catch the last two days of the Sports Festival.

This morning I had to give my introduction speech in Japanese to all 60 teachers, but after that I was able to wander the halls and meet a lot of the students while they played basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer and table tennis. They girls were so cute and piled around me wanting to touch my hair, feel my skin and they commented on how small my face is. (I guess in Japan this is a way of complementing someone????) A lot of them also asked me how I shaved my legs and eyebrows. Bizarre... I guess shaving your eyebrows is the hip thing to do here. Now that they've asked me, I've noticed that even the boys shave their eyebrows!

While the girls were dying to chat to me and work together in teams to find the right English - the boys played it cool... but a few of the class clowns came over to joke around or to yell out I LOVE YOU then run.

I accidentally mentioned I liked playing volleyball to some of the kids - so at 3:30 I realized someone volunteered myself to join the teacher's team. Crap...... I had to change out of my suit and join the teachers in a practice game against the students!!!! (tomorrow we'll be playing the championship boy's team in front of the school!!!!) The students yelled out to the others that I was on the court and everyone crowded in to watch this new blonde gaijin girl play volleyball with all the boys. I think I luckily fed off of the adrenaline from the kids and actually was able to hold my own on the court and have a few saves. Phew!!! Or maybe I just thought I did good cause they were screaming and cheering every time the ball came close to me! I'm terrified for tomorrow when we have to play in front of the entire school. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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