Thursday, August 28, 2008

be careful what ya post my fellow JETs...

I remember at Tokyo orientation one of the speakers mentioned that you shouldn't write the name of your schools, teachers or students on your blog because they might see it.... At the time I was like - ok... whatever.... im sure that will happnen!

But when I had my first day of school at High School #2 (ill call it HS2 from now on), one of the teachers came up to me and was like: I LOVED how you taught dance to your Deaf students in Kenya... I replied - "Oh thanks! Yeah, it was a lot of fun!!!" But then I thought - wait a minute - i never even told him I was in Kenya! After a few seconds of bewilderment I asked him how he knew that...

He googled me!!! He found this awful video which Peace Corps put up when they interviewed me at my school (i have an amazingly awful kenyan english accent)... Aren't there any other Callie Sorensen's in the world to help hide me???? i take up 3 damn pages of google... and my blog is one of em.

Luckily everyone is soooooooo sooooooo sooooooooo nice at both of my schools so I won't have to censor much :)

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Erickson said...

Haha!! Yeah, Google is so powerful for search engine. I even can find you on Peace Corps' blog/vlog! Sorry, rest of world knew you already!! LOL. But I don't recognized that you were speaking in terrible Kenya's British-English. Ha!

Hope all is well with you in there!