Thursday, August 28, 2008

black men

So I thought HS1's students' English was suffering.... but actually they are pros compared to my HS2 kids.

The HS2 students are soooooo sweet... but they struggle and perspire when they have to put together anything more than "I'm fine." After school today 3 girls from the school newspaper came to interview me. One of them almost vomited all over me when I said hello to her. She was soooooo insanely nervous and shy. I tried to make her calm and comfortable but she couldn't even say a word the entire time - not even when i told her she could ask me in japanese! I seriously think I saw a rash appear on her upper lip during the time we were sitting in the same room together. the poor soul. luckily the flamboyant librarian guy (who i LOVE!!!!) helped the poor girls through the interview. (but his english isn't all there either so I just gave my japanese intro speech that i had been using in class) i think my japanese is going to quickly improve here! :)

But the highlight of my day was when I opened a class up to questions after one of my self introductions. At first I had the usual: "What Japan food like you?" and "You have boyfriend?", "Whats your bloodtype?"

But then I got: "Do you like black men?"

Hahahahha... I lost my breath for a second..... did he say what I think he said??? I asked him to repeat. and oooooooh yes! He asked me if I liked black men.

I was assuming he was asking this since I talked a little bit about how I lived and volunteered in Kenya.... (uh oh.... did this student also google me and find something I didn't know was online?!?!?) I glanced over to my Japanese teacher and he motioned me to answer.... so stupid me goes on to say.... Oh yes, um... I like black men.... But I also like white men and Japanese men and red men and purple men and green men and everyone! (i was trying to divert the question into one of um... global love and peace?)

My Japanese teacher then stepped in to clarify that he didn't mean African men - he meant tanned Japanese men... He told me the student was darker skinned from working outside, so he wants to know if I like Japanese men who look like him. Ummm..... seriously??? they want me to answer this???

I went off on another tangent about how in America people like to be darker skinned but in Japan they want to be lighter..... but how everyone should just accept themselves for who they are and..... um....... awkard???? but hilariously awesome at the same time.

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