Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chieria Festival 2008

Here's a few photos and videos from the Chieria Festival. One of my Japanese girlfriends was the MC for part of the fest so she invited me to come out for the day... There was a stage for games, music and dancing, little amusement park games for the kids to play, food stalls galore (mmm...... yakitori!!! (bbq chicken on a stick)... but inside.... some of the festival performances were a bit bizarre if you ask me.

The first act I watched were these 2 ladies doing some sort of cooking show. Only one had on a fake tuxedo and the other one a fake pink dress with fake pearls and fake cleavage. At the end they gave out bizarre balloon creations to kids.

Then there was this unique magician with a not so slight slight of hand (he accidently gave away his tricks not 1 not 2 but 5 times)... I sadly didn't get it on video. But here's a clip of him playing with his rings. Take a listen to the heartfelt moving tunes he carefully selected.

There's also a ventriloquist, a hip yo yo-er with a whoops and some soothin tunes... enjoy!

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