Friday, August 22, 2008

Engrish Sports Shirts

My high school consists of three years. Within each year they are divided into 8 classes of about 40 students. The 32 classes competed against each other in various sports... Each class designed their own t-shirt with their nicknames on the back. Some of them were cute and others had amazing engrish. The 2 girls posing with me had a drawing of sesame street - big bird had glasses on and below it read: sasami street. awww....

a bit random - "don't make fun of us! or else..." umm.... i wonder what they were going for... if you make fun of us we will kill you and pose your skeleton bones into the shape of a heart???

at least the english is good on this one!

I think this shirt was one of my favorites. It speaks for itself.

I wish I took more of the other classes - one had the statue of liberty pumping iron and it said: WORK GOOD TELL ME!

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