Friday, September 12, 2008

Heaven in a cat's eye...

The other week I met up with some fellow Sapporo JET's to venture off to the CAT'S EYE!!!

The Cat's eye is this amazing multi-story arcade/ gaming/ interactive complex... We paid 1,200 yen ($12) for unlimited play for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had free reign to use anything and everything in this dreamland...

Just to give you an idea of how big this place was and how heavenly it is let me list just a few activities which are available:
rock climbing, a mechanical bull!!!, american gladiator jousting, squash courts, pool, bowling, taiko, batting cages, boxing with a life-size dummy, racing games, bizarre video game where you spin a wheel to take off girls' clothes (????), dance dance revolution, a maracas game, japanese guitar pickin, racing games, shooting games, fighting games, a crazy jungle fish net maze which had dinosaurs jump out at you (see adele below), a kids play areas, a crazy american gladiator obstacle course!!!, an internet room, loads of video game cubicles for PS and Wii and Gamecube, a big anime/manga library, and MORE MORE MORE!!!!! sooooo amazing!!!!! I was so overwhelmed by it all!!!

They also had massage chairs to use. A lot of parents hung out there and had a massage and read anime while they waited for their kids. I hopped on a chair before leaving - but the controls were all in kanji... A Japanese guy came over to help me cause I must have looked baffled. He selected a button for me and told me it was TIKI TIKI - and WHOOF! I've never shaken my bossum like that before. hahaha...

To make things even cooler there's a free shuttle from either Sapporo Station or the 24 station Namboku line subway stop!!!!! I can't wait to hibernate here during those long Hokkaido winter days. :)

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