Sunday, August 3, 2008

HELP! how the hell do i use a rice cooker?

Anyone know how to read this rice cooker???

So this is my new life. Staring dumbfoundedly at kanji trying to make a random guess at what its trying to tell me.

I learned the 2 alphabets (Hiragana and Katakana) before I came - but the only good that does for me right now is know that the top right black button is "menu."

I tried putting in the washed rice and water and then pushed some random buttons. I thought maybe green meant go and the red meant stop but the green guy just blinked furiously at me. (i guess that would be too easy) I finally went with the far left and I thought I was set! (the LCD changed to what kind of looked like ON or maybe its "Oh"... shit) 2 hours later I had some hard grossly mushy semi-cooked but not really rice.

Anyone have a clue????????????????? Doumo Arigatou!!!


Yuko said...

OK, you gonna love me for this :)

It's your new best friend Yuko, and here is what your lovely rice cooker is trying to tell you!

The green one is "Yoyaku." It means, you can set a time when you want your rice to be cooked & ready.
So, you put your washed rice at night, and you set your "Yoyaku" timer at let's say... 6;30am, it's ready at 6;30am.
In order to set your timer, you use bottens on your left. The top left is hour, the botten left is minutes.

The yellow one is "Okayu." Okayu is... softer rice? Google and find out a better description, but I don't think you will ever use it.

So, the red one on your right is the one you want to press when you want to start cooking rice right away. I believe when you press it once, the screen starts showing a bar on the top left side. It means, it sets for normal, regural rice. If you press twice, th ebar moves to the middle, and it sets for quicker cooking. You will use either of them. If you press three times, it sets for "cleaning." And I have no idea what it does.

Anyways, my advise is:
1) Wash masured rice (1 cup or 2 cups)
2) Put water to the level it shows inside of the bowl
3) (you might want to wait for 30 min here for better cooking quality, but it doesn't really matter...)
4) Press the red botton on your RIGHT either once or twice
5) DO NOT OPEN till it finishes cooking

Now, you may wonder "what is the botton on the LEFT bottom?
It shows light up after you finish cooking.
It is "Hoon," meaning, it keeps your rice warm till you press the botton to stop.

Good Luck!

- Yuko

Callie Sorensen said...

hey yuko!!!

you are right - I LOVE YOU!!! :)

thanks for taking the time to explain it to me...

what a shame the jazz fest got rained out! take care and ill see you soon...