Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey Baby!!! What's your blood type????

Get ready to answer this question if you're ever headed to Japan.

I guess knowing one's blood type here in Japan can tell them a lot about a person. (ive learned to stop asking quesitons here)

I never even had a clue what my bloodtype was until I went through the application process for Peace Corps. Back home a blood type test will set ya back $150! and me being the cheapskate I am found out that if you donate blood you can ask and find out your blood type for free. I signed up to donate but fainted before I even entered the building. I had 2 other failed attempts (my mom even tried to drag me to one appointment) when I finally gave up on the idea of sitting there for a good umpteen hour while they drain my blood.

I ended up getting my blood test done through a finger prick for $1 in Ecuador while I was volunteering there. My oh my how I love 3rd world countries! So lo and behold I am AB.

When I told my students I was AB they covered their mouth, gave a shriek and acted like it was the coolest thing on the planet.

When I tried to tell them I was a Gemini they were not at all impressed.

I guess I'll stick to: Hi! I'm Callie. I'm AB.

I seem to be rackin up points that way. Try givin it a go!

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John Nguyen said...

Ahh, look what I found. Wikipedia knows everything. It's kind of interesting:


Critical and indecisive eh ;)