Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Japanese take on American food...

Since Sapporo is a metropolitan city they have been putting in a good effort to internationalize and offer various types of Western food. Below are 2 photographs which I took at a crepe shop in the fancy Sapporo Factory Mall.

The dish on the left is labeled: "Frank Pizza Cheese" (it looks like a crepe with marinara sauce a hot dog and mac 'n cheese) and the second photo is "Frank salad" (a crepe with tuna salad, corn, hot dog and ketchup) and then on the far right is "Spaghetti Meatsauce" (in a crepe!)

Need I say more????


Lou said...

Ewwwww--that looks horrendous! Better to stick with the sushi, eh? Don't worry, I'll have a Portillos hot dog for ya, Callie. Glad to hear you've found your angel and she's lifted you away from the creepiness!

Callie Sorensen said...

thanks lou!!!!! mmmm..... portillos hot doggggg..... can um... you bring that over here pronto???