Wednesday, August 13, 2008

junk foooooood

OK... so anybody who knows me knows i'm a pretty healthy eater. but geez.... japan has changed me. when 10 individual green beans cost $4, a watermelon is $20 and a cantalope costs $50 - my diet sure has changed. yes yes yes... there are loads of healthy foods in japan - but i sure as hell can't read anything. this kanji is killing me. even with my knowledge of katakana and hiragana - i still can't read 98% of my grocery store. today i was excited when i saw cheetos (i inhaled the bag as soon as i stepped in my house.) I didn't even mind that it was a funky chedder taste! mmmm........ that said, i bought a kids kanji book today to start learning. uff....

it's times like these i really really miss kenya. where there were so many free mangoes - if you didnt grab em all up and eat 100 a day they would rot on the streets. a huge pile of green beans cost 10cents, a huge bunch of bananas right of the tree was 50cents....... i think you get the picture.

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