Sunday, August 3, 2008

Learning Japanese thru kidsTV???

So everyone says a good way to pick up a language is to watch kids TV programs... Since I only have 5 channels it's hard to have a say in what I watch, but I was lucky the other morning when I stumbled across this amazing children's program. I grabbed my camera and recorded just a snippet to give you an idea of what my education consists of here.

I love this man. I especially love his enthusiastic facial expressions while strategically executing every move along in his professional attire. If this is what all kids programs contain I think I'll learn Japanese in no time - AND pick up a few new dance moves.


justin said...

OMFG. That's amazing. Now I have a good reason to set up my TV.

Kim said...

Absolutely HYSTERICAL! Well, that's one thing they have in common with the Kenyans, they dance like crap

Callie Sorensen said...

hahaha... true true kim. imagine what will happen when they see my dance moves here for the first time ;)