Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meeting the principle for the first time... whoops.......

so um... I need to start practicing the subtleties in the Japanese language.

I was introduced to the principle of one of my High Schools on Thursday. When he asked me how I found Japan to be so far I said:

"KIRAI DESU NE!" (thinking I said - it is so beautiful!)

but when I saw him gasp and give a look to the other teachers I instantly knew I did something terribly wrong. luckily another teacher who spoke English was there to tell me what I had said: "I HATE JAPAN!"


What I meant to say was: "KIREI desu ne."

one damn vowel.

at least it broke the ice and got us laughing during that crucial first impression time period!


John Nguyen said...

lol, that's so typical! Get used to that while your learning. My japanese sensei in university told us a story about her friend who was in Japan and was opening up a bank account. Instead of saying "Would you like my hanko?" she said "Would you like my manko?". You know what a hanko is but here, manko means "pussy". The bank teller got super embarassed and couldn't look her in the eye after that, lol.

Anonymous said...

Callie!!! too funny - I love reading about your adventures my dear ~* ann