Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moerenuma Park

I took a trip today to see sculptor Isamu Noguchi's park - or rather he would have me say 'sculpture' since the entire park is considered to be one big sculpture.

It was absolutely stunnin' to walk around and see how Noguchi sculpts the earth.

What's amazing is that the park used to be a waste treatment plant, but with Sapporo's green belt movement they transformed the 2.7 million tons of waste into this park! holy schmoley. (and what's even more amazing is that my tatami mats smell WAAAY worse than the entire park/sculpture combined!)

Parts of the park reminded me of Tikal in Guatemala and some of the Incan sites I've been to which also use the earth as their canvas.

Anyone heading to Sapporo - I highly recommend taking the subway/bus on out there to relax, bike, run, play tennis, picnic, etc... There's 467 acres to explore! :)

more pics of moerenuma park

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