Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more kanji woes...

Ok... sorry I've been talking about kanji a lot lately... but its crazy!!!

Tomorrow will be my first day at my other high school. I have to fill out a form for this high school in order to get reimbursed for travel. That would normally be no big issue... but this is me.... in Japan.... and I found out I have to fill out the entire form IN KANJI on my own. Crap. (why am i not suprised???)

It is pretty funny since I have no idea what I'm writing. I thought I was being clever when I asked my supervisor to fill out a sample form for me so I could just try and copy the kanji line by line.

Not so easy... Mine looked like a 2 year old's scribble pad. It's hard enough trying to write some of the kanji from a text book – but its even more impossible to try and copy a Japanese person's kanji handwriting which to me looks like a heap of mumbo jumbo cat scratches.


Last night I went to a Japanese class which is held by volunteer Japanese teachers every Monday night. Hopefully with my own studying and by attending this class every week I'll slowly build up my kanji reading and writing skillz.

Another thing that I just bought is a nifty new toy: the Nintendo DS... not only can I play Mario kart but I bought this Kanji/English dictionary meant for Japanese people to learn English... The great thing about it is that I can draw kanji on the touch pad and then it will give me the pronunciation in Japanese and the meaning in English!!! Yeah for technology!!! Finally Japan scores a point in that department. (a big thanks to john and rob who showed me this nifty toy!!!)

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