Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Japanese Angel...

I have found my Angel here in Sapporo - Mayumi!

I met her at one of the tourist information booths in the underground shopping mall. I asked if she knew anyone who wanted to be tutored in English in exchange for helping me with my Japanese. She jumped with joy and said: MEMEME!!!

For our first meeting we met by the Sapporo TV tower and ended up going to the beer gardens. She insisted on treating me to a beer and food because she was so happy to find someone to practice English with. Her English is actually quite good because she lived in both Australia and Canada for a year each. But she said she's quickly losing it since moving back to Japan.

When I told her I was interested in finding a gym that offers classes in martial arts, aerobics, yoga, etc... she went home and researched all the gyms around my house and school - printed out all of their schedules and info AND translated the important bits AND labeled them on a map for me!!!! How nice is that?!?!?! Not only that but she came over to my house Thursday evening and helped me go through my house and helped me figure out the washing machine, my hot water contraption and helped me figure out whether the tubes of liquid I had in my bathroom were lotion, conditioner or body soap. (i had been cluelessly trying them out in all 3 ways with no luck!) I also had a problem with my sink drainage - so then she taught me the Japanese translations so I could go to the store and ask for help!

Sooooooooo sweet!!!!! She saw my Chicago Cubs hat so now is planning a trip for us to go see the Nippon Ham Fighters (Sapporo baseball team) AND she saw a stain on my sheets so will drive me to her favorite discount bedding store to help me buy sheets and a comforter. She also told me I have a big 100 yen shop hiding on the streets behind my grocery store I never knew existed. Wow.... talk about an angel!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm starting to finally feel like I'm getting my act together. hahahaha... (for now)

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