Thursday, August 7, 2008

My new favorite game: Guess what this show's about!

It's always fun to turn on the TV randomly to see what crazy programs are on. It's doubly fun to try and guess what in the world the show is about. Sorry I didn't get a video clip of this one... but this 'plot' was quite simple: Give a small girl a GIGANTIC plate of food and watch her devour it, and then ask for dessert.

...on the one I watched - the girl was given a 5.7KG (about 13 pounds) plate of food (fish, spaghetti, creamy sauce of some kind, bread, cake, something that looked like tofu, tomatoes and more all baked together.) She seemed so happy to be eating it. This went on and on and on showing her eat different crazy plates of food at various restaurants.

And the little person at the top left in the box??? nope... not a sign language interpreter but some random people watching her and making comments. (this little 'comentary box' is on almost every tv show).

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