Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neighbor gomi war???

Sooooooo... I wrote a post before about gomi (trash) and how its a bit of a public thing amongst your neighbors.

Well...... when I arrived home after school today I found a bunch of trash, wrappers and food containers spread out on my front step and a big garbage bag torn open in the front of my house!!!!!! I freaked out thinking I made my neighbors angry with my amateur gomi sorting skillz.... but when I took a closer look at the bag I realized it was NOT MINE.

So now im really really really confused. Maybe some other neighbor wanted to have a laugh with the new white girl on the block and purposely put out the wrong trash on the wrong day so that when the other neighbors saw it they would automatically think it's mine and throw it right back at me.

ummmmmm..... i just hid the bag in my shed for now and cleaned up the other trash hoping this gomi war will blow over. wish me luck.

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