Sunday, August 31, 2008


Justin, John and I went out for dinner one night to try okonomiyaki...

It's a Japanese dish which literally means: "grilled what you want."

So you first order a big bowl of 'what you want.' Here's a picture of John's brave seafood bowl.... I opted for the pork one (i think)

Then Justin is demonstrating for us how you then proceed to vigorously mix up the ingredients in the bowl (it comes with a battery substance at the bottom) until you have a nice delicious mixture.

After that, you pour the contents of your bowl onto the hot plate in the center of your table and let it fry away. Once it's cooked on one slip you flip it like a pancake. Once it's done cooking you add seaweed flakes, algae sprinkles, ginger bits, mayo, spices and whatever else you want.

It was my first time cooking it - so mine didn't turn out too pretty... but it was tasty!!!!

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