Saturday, August 2, 2008

Phone charms

Everyone here is obsessed with phone charms... the cuter the kitchier the better.

What's hilarious is that it's not only for teenage girls. On my subway home today from Sapporo station this 25 yearish old rocker guy all punked/gothed out with huge spiky bleached hair and rokker clothes stood in front of me on the train. I glanced at him and noticed that dangling from his pocket were phone charms galore - pink, purple, stuffed animals, cute little puppies, and more.

Why do we westerners grow up so darn fast? Adults here love video games, arcades, comic books, charms, etc...........

To join in the fun I bought my first charm!!!

I want to formally introduce you to Marimokkori - the mascot of Hokkaido! He is so amazingly awesome he deserves his own posting.

Stay tuned!

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