Friday, August 29, 2008

Shiroi Koibito Park/Chocolate Factory

Last weekend I visited the Shiroi Koibito Park/Chocolate Factory which was right down the street from the Chieria Festival.

When I got to the Chocolate Factory - the big front doors were locked and boarded up. A sign hanging on the door read: "WE CLOSED UNTIL JAN. 2008" ummmm.... but its August 2008???? I almost was about to give up and go home when I wandered around the huge factory walls and then entered into this magical surreal German Alice in Wonderland Disneyesque theme park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was crazy!!! This is what greeted me upon entering...

The clock tower had animals parading around with musical instruments. There were New Orleans trumpeters playing overhead one of the doorways... a row of annoying chefs singing LA LA LA LA LA LA over and over again... (watch the end of the video to see the amazing little boy rokkin out to them)

Then there was this miniature house world which was a labyrinth of rose bush paths into crazy little mini houses. Also, there was a chocolatey chubby man who blew bubbles at kids... making them scream with glee....

Then inside was a chocolate factory with the most amazing smells..... The shop inside was stocked from floor to ceiling of the famous Sapporo omiyage (gift) which are these expensive cookie type wafers with chocolate. Japanese tourists were buying them by the truckloads.

To see some of my photos from this check out:

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