Sunday, August 31, 2008

Team Marimo!!!

I want to introduce you to Team Marimo...... John, Justin and myself....

We have just a tad bit of an obsession with the amazingly wonderful marimokkuri.

Justin and John came to Sapporo for the JET orientation 2 weeks ago and we had a fun and crazy time exploring the city together... Now we are planning our big adventure to Lake Akan - the BIRTHPLACE of the real marimo!!!!

Below you can see some marimo merchandise, an aquarium filled with the true life marimo algae balls and justin cracking open our marimo energy drink which we toasted to in wine glasses. :)

Stay tuned for more on our shenanigans in Sapporo...

(if you missed my explanation of marimo click here!!!)

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John Nguyen said...

Team Marimo! Challenge!