Tuesday, September 2, 2008

another school within my school???

I've been staying at school until about 7pm every night.... I have this fun group of senior year guys who have been coming to my desk in the staff room everyday during lunch AND after school. They bring some of their English work for me to check but I think it's just an excuse to come and chat... I don't mind cause they are actually quite hilarious... Today we somehow got on the topic of Michael Jackson so we had a moonwalking competition after school! hahah... I guess when language is quite limited we end up dancing or acting or singing. It's funny because these guys can actually use sign language now better than English!!! They are fast learners :) The teachers have been coming up to me applauding that the boys at my school have never been so interested in English until I came around! hahaha...

Anyways... what I found out from staying late is that after hours my top notch high school transforms into a behavior management night school dropout program. There are about 200 kids who come together from various bad backgrounds... There is another set of teachers who come in to teach these kids... one of the teachers I met from the night school said they are similar to the worst batch of 'bronx kids.' Hrmm........ I'm not too sure about that - but I was so intrigued!!! This seems to be right up my alley!!! I met just a handful of the students. They don't wear uniforms and you can tell just by looking at them that they are tough kids. Some are obviously doped up on some sort of drug and others are just tough 'gang'ish type kids. I tried to talk to 2 of the students, but they were a bit too shocked at seeing me to even speak. It's times like these where I really really wish my Japanese was at least conversational! I would love to hold some sort of Life Skills course for them like what I did in Kenya. Ufff... This language barrier can get quite frustrating. Maybe after my Japanese improves I'll be able to think about talking to them more and hopefully be able to sit in or help out with a class!

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