Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baseball game and miscommunication...

soooooooo........ a teacher came up to me last week and asked if I wanted to go watch a baseball game - my high school versus our rival high school... I said SURE!!!! I was excited to go watch my students play in my very first Japanese baseball game!

Today around lunch time a teacher came up to me and wished me luck in today's game. I replied: "Thanks! I also hope we win! I brought my camera to take photos." He laughed and said, "Well, you won't need your camera today, you'll need your baseball mitt." I chuckled - thinking he was joking...

Then in the afternoon my supervisor came up to me and said... "please don't get injured!" I laughed and told him I don't think I'll get injured while taking pictures. He replied: "No... seriously, every year a teacher is injured and is brought to the hospital." Then it suddenly dawned on me..... it is US the teachers who are playing in this game!!!!!!!!!!

oh crap.

I haven't touched a baseball mit in years!!!!!!!!!!! or really ever... and now we are up against the teachers from the biggest rival high school in Sapporo!??!?!

Oh how I'm starting to love this oh so common miscommunication...

So after school we ended up going to the game and lost terribly!!!!!

My fellow teachers and I never practiced and our team kept missing the balls and falling all over the place while the other team made dozens of runs!!!!! (I later heard they were staying after school everyday to practice!) But we had a good laugh and I taught the other teachers some American cheers on the sidelines (just so I could avoid playing!!!)

After the game both high schools went to a huge enkai (party!!!).

Enkais are huge at Japanese schools. It's a time where teachers can loosen their ties, kick back and drink drink drink drink drink... and then drink some more!!!

This enkai was an all you can drink and eat... It was jingusukan which is the BBQ'd lamb which you grill yourself. They give you a huge platter of raw sheep, bean sprouts, cabbage, onions, pumpkin and green pepper along with chopsticks and dipping sauce. You cook away and then eat and eat and eat and eat..... they keep filling your plates with more meat and veggies until you burst.

Also - teachers walk around filling your beer glass with more and more and more beer... so you have absolutely no idea how many glasses you've had. My fellow teachers were beet red and chatting up a storm all night. The principal and vice principals gave speeches and then awards for the MVPs and then some to the worst players. hahaha..... Some teachers who never had the guts to talk to me all of a sudden acted like we were best mates! A few ladies from the office were also there and gave me a palm reading. hahaha...

Ended up being a fun night!!!! Miscommunication often ends up being a pleasant surprise! I've learned to always expect the unexpected. :)

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