Thursday, September 11, 2008


Holy Schmoley..... This morning at about 9:20am we felt a pretty big earthquake at school.

At first I thought I was about to pass out... The room was moving and I started feeling nauseous, but then I looked at my JTE (japanese teacher of english) and he also was turning green and grasping onto his chair!!! The earthquake lasted for at least a full minute and was coming in and out in waves.

The teachers ran into the resting room to turn on the TV... my JTE came back out a few minutes later and told me that the epi-center located just off coast on the Pacific side. They were beginning to evacuate some of the coastal towns because they were predicting a tsunami.

Holy crap... But it must not have been that serious because a minute later everything went back to normal... Earthquakes here are like thunderstorms for us in Chicago I guess... I went to go meet with the exchange student from Canada since she had been a little freaked out by it (it was her first time experiencing an earth quake!)

Luckily Sapporo is quite far from the epi-center so we won't be affected.

Here's the earthquake info website:


John Nguyen said...

Are you guys alright? No damage? We didn't feel anything on our part of the island. I kind of wish I felt it though, I haven't experienced an earthquake yet.

Callie Sorensen said...

what?!?!?! you didn't feel it??? I thought you guys would have felt it more than us! this is the 2nd one ive felt... maybe we'll get one in our tent in shakotan!!! :)