Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eating cat vomit...

I had my first experience during the Sapporo Orientation eating cat vomit (monjayaki)....

Ok.... i guess it's not really cat vomit - but it sure does look like it.

Chris - a current JET convinced us to try it out. He took Justin, John and I out so he could cook us our first Monjayaki.

It's a bit similar to okonomiyaki... except the batter is a lot more liquidy and runny - hence creating the cat vomit effect.

First, you receive 2 bowls.... one of the 'stuff' you ordered and then a bowl of the liquidy batter. Then you fry the 1st bowl of ingrediants on the hot plate at your table. Here's a video of Chris in action:

Then with your little metal spatulas you create a little moat like circle and inside the 'O' you pour your runny batter... and then you procede to beat the hell out of it again and then let it sit until its nice and cooked on the underside.

Everyone digs in with their little spatulas and once the table's close to finishing - you order another round.... and another...... and another.......

To my surprise cat vomit was actually quite tasty!!!!!!!

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