Saturday, September 27, 2008

Enkais and Cleopatra...

At school on Friday one of the teachers came up to me and asked if I was excited for the big party that night...... I looked at him with a bedazzled confused look. (I had, of course, heard nothing of a party)

Well.... I found out that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year teachers were having end of semester enkais (parties!). I can't read the memos on my desk or on the teacher's board and I can't understand what they talk about in the teacher meetings - so I'm always out of the loop! But once the word got out that I had no idea about the parties, I think they felt terrible so each group of teachers started fighting over me to join their party!

I decided to go with the 2nd year teachers since I don't get to interact with them as much and they were the first to invite me.

We all met in Susukino at 6:30pm for a 2 hour all you can eat and drink fancy fancy formal Japanese dinner. It costed 5,000 yen ($50) but the food was delicous and well worth it!!!

I planned on riding my bike to Susukino - but out of nowhere it started to downpour - so I had to grab my umbrella and run like hell in the rain in order to make it to Susukino by 6:30sharp! (It's very important you're on time in Japan!)

When I got there - there were about 13 teachers sitting at the formal restaurant including the Vice Principal. None of the English teachers had arrived so I sat myself down and could hear the other teachers asking eachother in Japanese who was going to talk to me! hahaha... I responded in Japanese telling them that they could try out their Japanese on me with no worries- they laughed and breathed a sigh of relief! :)

The food started pouring in after our kampai (cheers!) with an assortment of beautiful sashimi (raw fish)... and a side dish of some weird mushrooms in booger looking (and tasting) jelly. Then they placed 5 clay cooking pots on the table's grills and started cooking up Nabe. In our Nabe they used raw beef, mushrooms, onions, poured liqour on top and then let it boil and steam... When it was done cooking you dug in with your chopsticks and dipped it in this delicous sauce before eating. We also chowed down on tempura, sushi, some kind of meat wrapped in fried tofu, soup, more sushi and sashimi.... and I can't even remember what else!!!

Then the teachers came one by one with their phones to get their picture taken with me! hahaha... They kept calling me the Cleopatra of our High School. Ummm.... a bit awkward, but I just rolled with it.

Then they had a conversation about blood types... When I told them I was AB they went bezerk and started cheering. (I still have no idea why...) Another teacher confessed in me about his "metobolic syndrome???" Ummm.... I think he was talking about having a low metabolism??????? Had a few other strange conversations thru the night which I won't post here. :)

After dinner finished we all headed out for the nijikai (2nd party) at another Japanese restaurant. This time they ordered even more liquor and MORE food... yaki soba, pickled cucumber with spicy mustard, edamame, etc... Geeeeez these teachers can eat and drink!!!!!

After more phone pictures I received a phone call from one of the 1st year teachers who was begging me to join their sanjikai (3rd party).... so I said my goodbyes to the 2nd year teachers and headed off to a garden bar near Sapporo Station.

It's funny how the teachers who claim to speak NO ENGLISH in school... all of a sudden after a few dozen drinks are blabbering to you in English!!!! Sooooo funny. I think my Japanese also improved. ;) While in a drunken state the teachers that I haven't had a chance to talk to much kept telling me they are too shy to talk to me at school - so I should make the first move and talk to them at their desks. Hahahah... We chatted and chatted about anything and everything under the sun. I think I even got paired up with the Gym teacher who wants me to do the sex education part of the class next semester!

I'm really glad I went out despite my cold and the rain!!! Looking forward to my welcome enkai which will be next month. :)

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