Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GENKI Photo Sticker Booths!!!!!

Another amazingly awesome thing you can do in these crazy Japanese arcades is go to a Purikura (photo sticker booth)!!!!

First you have to pick one of the dozen or so gaudy feminine booths. Inside are 2 or so cameras at different angles and then sometimes foam blocks you can stand or sit on to help you out with your posing....

John and I had no idea what we were doing - so we just pressed a lot of buttons and then spent the next 10 minutes posing for loads of different pics on different backgrounds. (my favorite is the red velvet bed with the gold plated wood headboard)

After we were done posing - it displayed all of the pictures we had taken on the screen. We stood there laughing and pointing at the pictures until John accidentally touched the screen - selecting one of the pics - then a buzzer went off to tell us time was up!!!! Whoops. I guess we were supposed to pic the photos we wanted to print!!! The screen went black - displayed some kanji so we ran outside the booth looking for what to do next...

We finally found yet another curtained booth which you go inside to decorate the photos (or in our case photo) you selected. We had another timer which was counting down.... Then a minute later the photo comes out (the pic on the right is of John cutting up the final product.)

The photos on the top right were our first ever purikura!!!! Not too shabby considering we didn't have a clue as to what were doing!

Since we were so clueless during the first round - we had another go the next day and this time luckily chose a booth which didn't have a timer - so we spent half an hour figuring out how to decorate the pics with genki crazy japanese images!!! yeeeee ha!


Lou said...

Hahaha--outstanding! I especially enjoy the ones with the magic mushrooms floating about--how psychedelically trippy!

Callie Sorensen said...

hahahah... i know!!!! i could stay in these photo booths all day! you, edge and jo gotta come so we can all squeeze in a genki booth! ;)