Monday, September 29, 2008

Ham Fighters!!!

WHOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! we won, we won!!!!!!!

Just got back from my first Nippon Ham Fighters Baseball Game!!!!!

Wow! What an experience!

I went to the game with my angel, Mayu, her husband and a few of their friends.

Good thing I went with some locals so they could teach me the crazy genki cheers! For each pitcher and batter they had a special cheer, song, and synchronized beat w/whiffle bats and props!!! The 40,000 people in the crowd had colored papers, florescent pink fingers, flags, etc... that they would magically pull out of thin air in perfect harmony to start each cheer. Everyone was extra genki and excited today cause it was the last game of the season! aaaand we had Darvish as our pitcher - everyone here swears he's the best in the world. :)

At the end there was a special ceremony with crazy shimmery streamer fireworks... and a few dances by BB - the mascot!!!

Maybe all that Ham Fighters rice I ate (right) brought em good luck.

Can't wait til next season!

After the game I went for tea at my angel's house before their dog drove me home. :)

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John Nguyen said...

Oh my god, they're singing YMCA! Gah, make it stop! That looks like a lot of fun though, I want to go to a game next year.