Saturday, September 27, 2008

is 28 the new 18???

im not getting old and moldy, am i??????

i mean... i WILLINGLY CHOSE to stay at home today and scrub my horrendously moldy bathroom door instead of going to a big JET Sapporo BBQ Welcome Party. The funny thing is that I actually really enjoyed locking myself in my house all day in my PJs while scrubbing mold, watching grey's anatomy in bed under my new comfy comforter, studying japanese, eating and eating and not answering my phone or text messages.

but this doesn't make me old and moldy does it???? i swear 28 IS the new 18, right???????

that's how I like to think... especially since my 10 year high school reunion is happening tonight! im bummed im missing it... i don't think many people would recognize me without my shaved head, baggy pants and skateboard. (i have my brother to thank for turning me into a girl)

age is a funny thing. here i am in JET as a moldy minority. most of the kids in JET are straight out of University... most of the time i don't notice the 7 year age gap... but once I remember a bunch of us walking around Sapporo when one of the JETs said: "oh man!!! I had no idea she was that old!!!! I thought she was young!!!!!" I turned and asked how old the girl was.... and he said: "28!!!!!!!!!" Let's just say I almost gave him a black eye! hahahaha...

I guess with my good looks (or maybe i should say immaturity) everyone here seems to think I'm 22. Even my brother Dane started getting angry when all of his friends and collegues thought I was his younger sister! hahahah...

Hard to believe I'll be turning 30 in Japan! Maybe by the time I turn 30 I'll have figured out what I want to be when I grow up! (nahhhhhh...)

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