Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Japanese arcades...

While John and Justin were here we spent every spare second we had in the arcades....... We became quite addicted to Taiko- the Japanese drumming arcade game! (here's my previous post on the real taiko)

We also played various dance dance revolution and guitar hero type games...... Watch how fast John is in the below video compared to the other Japanese players!!! ;)

Below is a picture of video horse betting. There were loads of smokin old men sitting in their lazy boys betting on digital horses. And then last but not least - a photo of Justin checkin out the half naked anime girl games..... um...... which they must of thought would be a great game for kids to put in Sega World????????


John Nguyen said...
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John Nguyen said...

That drumming game was pretty fun. I want to try it out again but next time on a harder difficulty. Nothing compares to Taiko though!