Monday, September 29, 2008

Japanese Tacos, Karaoke and a Family DInner...

On Sunday afternoon I met up with some of my Language exchange friends whom I met at the Communication Plaza. We met for lunch at a Kindergarten School's International Day.

They had food booths from dozens of different countries. I bought a taco off this sweet Japanese girl. Was bizarre speaking in Japanese to a girl in a sombrero.

I was excited to meet a lady from Tanzania and be able to speak Swahili for the first time in months!!!!

But the highlight was all of the random people from around the world on stage singing: "We are the world!" hahaha....

Afterward I headed off to Nobborro (about 35 minutes outside of Sapporo) to one of my student's homes. The family picked me up from the station and dropped us off at karaoke!

We had a huge room to ourselves with a crazy electronic song selection gadget. The girls belted out some J-pop songs and then asked Jenn (the Canadian exchange student) and I to sing some American songs. They went crazy for our Xmas songs, Backstreet Boys belting and Barbie girl rendition. (I sang the raspy man voice: come on barbie - lets go party!!!)

They also had us doing all sorts of Disney duets and then picked out a few Japanese songs for us to try. Deary me - I won't put those videos online!!!

After our throats could take no more we walked to Jenn's home stay family's house where we cooked up sukiyaki and green melon cream soda. Mmmmmmmmm..... You can see from the photos sukiyaki is a big hot plate filled with sukiyaki sauce, beef, tofu, shitake, sprouts, green onions, other veggies, udon noodles, rice noodles....... Then each person cracks a raw egg into a small dish. When the food is cooked you dig in with your chopsticks, dip it in the raw egg and eat! It was sooooooo tasty!!!!

The food kept coming and coming and coming... After we could eat no more the mom brought out delicious japanese pears and a crazy orange tomato looking fruit....... and just when I thought we were done - she brought out more tea and this crazy jelly/bean dessert which you pour black sugar syrup on top.

The whole family piled in the car to drive me back to the station. They even walked me in and gave me a proper goodbye as if I was leaving back to the States. The family was soooooo nice... and invited me to return. It was great to have a home cooked Japanese meal with a family!!! Mmmm...

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