Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jehovah's Witness & toilet paper

at about 8pm tonight my doorbell rang... I went to answer it and this young guy all spiffied up in a suit was standing there with a shocked smile on his face while his jaw dropped.

he started spewing out japanese as fast as he could to me - almost hyperventilating.... all I could catch was "WOW! COOL!..... my first american!!!!! COOL!!!" He was so excited to meet a foriegner... he was shaking a bit and then reached into his shoulder bag and handed me what seemed to be plastic garbage bags with a picture of a little kid holding his crotch (maybe diaper bags?????) i had no clue. I just said DOMO ARIGATOU!!!!

He jibber jabbered some more in Japanese and then handed me 3 toilet paper rolls one after another.

I had no idea what the hell was going on. It almost felt like he was a teenage Jehovah Witness trying to win me over by giving me diaper bags and toilet paper. Hrmmmmm......

After he calmed down we actually were able to have a bit of a conversation. What I got from it was that he is 18 and just moved to Sapporo from the inaka (rural hokkaido)... I tried to speak a bit of English to him but he started freaking out and couldn't even say "IM FINE" hahha. so cute.

Then he handed me 2 boxes of laundry detergent powder (i think!)... I asked him how much he kept hiding in his little shoulder bag. I tried to deny his polite gifts but he kept insisting.

we chatted some more. and then i realized i think he worked for a newspaper.... i told him id like to buy a newspaper from him, but that i couldn't read enough kanji. he then insisted on teaching me some in my doorway. He stayed and talked at me for a good hour and a half!!!! so bizarre. but i hope he comes back. :)


Colin Woon said...

I sure hope the newspaper sales in the US are like that. Here's another guy who share your experience

Callie Sorensen said...

haha... thanks for sharing that!

looks like i got jipped with toilet paper and diaper trash bags!

but who knows... maybe he'll be back tonight with more! :)