Friday, September 12, 2008

Lake Shikotsu - Central Hokkaido Welcome Party

Last weekend Emma, Olivia and I ventured 80km south of Sapporo to Lake Shikotsu to join about 50 JETs for the Central Hokkaido welcome party.

We headed out early to pitch our tents so we could start our hike up Tarumae Volcano. It was quite an adventure to get there... We hiked thru camp, thru the woods, and then luckily hitchhiked with 2 different cars til we finally got to the trailhead!

It was sooooo foggy and misty as we hiked for 1 1/2 hours up to the crater. Even though we never actually SAW the crater - we knew we were there because we sure could SMELL it. WHOOOOOF...

We took the long trail round the crater (passing a pretty little mountain temple) and then back down through a mossy gorge which was beautiful (from what we could see!!!)

Back at camp we jumped in the Lake in our underwear to wash off and then joined the other JETs for a big BBQ party.

More photos from Lake Shikotsu and Tarumae Volcano:

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