Friday, September 19, 2008

Proof I'm a blonde...

Soooo many people ask me if I dye my hair blonde... Now I have evidence my answer is NO!!!

Last night after posting my Hell Fest photos, (im not sure if this has any correlation) I went to brush my teeth as normal and when I threw my head down to spit - I went head first into that huge ass knife which was on my drying rack!!!!!!

It took me a while to stop the bleeding and to stop laughing at how ridiculous I was... but when the bleeding slowed down I took a picture for proof and then grabbed this "DO NOT EAT" ice pack type of thing from my freezer and placed it on my head. Well...... that wasn't the smartest of moves either since it stuck to my hair - and when I removed it - a huge chunk of hair came with it!!!

I'll tell ya somethin - there's never a dull day in my life!

1 comment:

Colin Woon said...

That's some serious cut!

Don't feel bad, that probably will happen to me too seeing how close the knife is to the sink. And no, I'm not blonde.