Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sapporo Orientation

JET had a welcome orientation in Sapporo for all of the new Hokkaido JETs. It was three days of jampacked info on culture shock, team-teaching, health issues, japanese and much much more! It was held at the Docho Akarenga. If you want a play by play on how the weekend and orientation went check out my fellow JET friend John's blog:

Luckily during the orientation there was a random festival in docho akarenga with lots of food tents. I ate a few sausages on a stick. (you could also get sausage lollipops which were long saugages curled up to look like a lollipop on a stick.) Then we had this band play us a few tunes with the accompaniment of a few amazing synchronized dancing gals.

Our first night at the orientation we had a welcome enkai (party) at the Kirin Beer Gardens...

We had 100 minutes to drink as much as we could and shove our faces full of Jingisukahn (lottttts of lamb meeeeeeeat w/onion and cabbage which you cook yourself at your table.) Since I'm not much of a drinker I ate enough lamb meat to last me a good few months.

After the 100 minutes were up we headed to our nijikai (after party) at A-life where we took over the club and shook a groove for the rest of the night!!!

The next day we had to sit through 8 hours of orientation and let's just say some of us weren't lookin so hot!

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