Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm far too lazy and way behind on this blog thingamajig so instead of telling you about the South West Hokkaido JET welcome party that happened a few weeks ago in Shakotan- I'll let ya look at John's blog: (thanks john!)

All I need to add is that there was good food. (thats me and my reaction to the lovely mexican make your own taco spread we had)

and Shakotan pennisula was full of beautiful rocky cliffs.... this sleeping dinosaur head was one of my favorites.

The gorgeous scenery put us in the mood for some romantic dancing on the beach. Here is Ross gracefully lifting me into the Dirty Dancing grand finale lift!

and a few minutes later.... his not so graceful..... but even more romantic lift on messy Jesse.

We still aren't sure who is the father tho.

But we celebrated anyways!!!

"won't you take me (back) to..... shakotaaaaaaaaaan"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for more crazy photos of shakotan:

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