Monday, October 20, 2008

Bags in the air

A few weeks ago one of my teachers was trying to talk to me about how to know when winter is coming in Sapporo. (I didn't want to break the news to him and tell him I know its coming soon cause its getting FRIGGIN COLD here!!!)

But he went on to tell me..... "Callie... you know winter is approaching when you see a lot of bags in the air." ummm.... "HUH??? What did you say???" I asked.... He repeated... "You will see a lot of bags in the air - especially when you go next to Toyohira River. Maybe you can take a picture."

Ummm.... OK??? I tend not to question things anymore here in Japan. I imagined he was trying to tell me that maybe the garbage men get lazy near winter time so plastic bags just kind of float around in the wind... Kind of in that beautiful kind of way like in "American Beauty."

So then today I finally realized exactly what he was talking about... it wasn't bags but BUGS!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! that was it!!!! and my oh my was he right. there are THOUSANDS OF TINY LITTLE BUGGIN WINTER BUGS!!!!!! I was riding my bike home today along Toyohira River and out of nowhere a huge swarm smacked me right in the face. I must have eaten a few dozen or so..... plus a few more dozen entered my body thru every other orifice. ufffff....

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