Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog hits...

So I signed up for this blog counter type of thing which tracks how many visitors come to my site and how they get here... I found a section on the site which lets me look what people googled to end up at my blog.... here are some of the top searches! hahahaha....

naked boy
japan vomit
japan algae balls
pet marimo
modesty japan onsen
japan eat cat
washing machines jumping
jap vomit eating vids
eyebrow shaving japanese
naked Japanese onsen photos
japanese cat eyebrows
japanese vomit eating
giant flying squirrel of Japan

oh yeah.... and to date it says I've had 5,128 page loads and 2,552 unique visitors!!! holy schmoley...


Stephen said...

if you want to totally nerd out with statistics, I can get you setup with google analytics (it's just some javascript that you paste into a section on your template) and it gives you graphs and charts and all kinds of really really nerdtacular statistics.

hugs and kisses,

Callie Sorensen said...

hahah... awesome steve-o!!! now im usin

can you block the creepy users who are searching for cat and vomit eating naked japanese onsen men???? thatd be fab!!!!!


Chad said...

Hi there...

Don't listen to a word that Steve guy says...I heard he graduated from RIT of all places.....Geez.


Callie Sorensen said...

thanks chad for the dish on that steve guy.... i had no idea he was such a NEEEERD!!!