Monday, November 3, 2008

Breakdancing class!!!!

Soooo... I think I somehow forgot to mention I'm randomly taking breakdancing classes!!!!!!

I told one of my Japanese friends awhile back that I really loved dancing... so she helped me find a class really close to my house. Little did I know it was going to be a mix of breakdancing/hip hop and street moves!!!

My Japanese isn't good enough to know exactly whats going on.... but I hear keywords like: "stage, people watching, december..." so I think we're actually going to perform a routine on stage too!!!!! ahhhh crap!!!!

but its awesome!!! Our dance is slowly comin together but I can't seem to get the headstands down! I'm afraid I'll break my neck!

This is a picture of me with my teacher TOMOPP. (not sure if I should be comin up with a breakin name... hrmm... any suggestions?!?!)

He's tryin to teach me how to have a "KILLA FACE." I think I laugh too much in class. hahah.... but my killa face needs a lot of work. Hopefully by December I'll be able to pull one off!

Wish me luck! I'll try and videotape our performance and post it on my blog - so stay tuned!!!!!

1 comment:

Chad Lembree said...

I tottaly want to see you on this show soon!!!!

You have to think up a good B-boy (girl) name for yourself though.