Tuesday, October 7, 2008

COSTCO - another heaven in japan!


now why didn't kenya have one of these?????

COSTCO in Sapporo!!!!!!!! After the Shakotan weekend we drove over to COSTCO to check it out... I was able to use my mum's card from the States to get 3 of us in... We ran down the aisles salivating at all of the food AND the prices!!!!

It was just like back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca (a JET from England) almost fainted when she came across oatmeal. She screamed and started piling the cart with huge box after huge box of oats.... I think she bought the equivalent of 400 servings and on the way home she was seriously worried if she would have enough to last her through winter!!!

But man oh man.... I stocked up on cereal, more cereal, also a box of oats, soy milk, frozen burgers, pita bread, aveeno lotion, 2 HUGE NICE PILLOWS for $15, a huge comfy comforter for these cold cold nights, nice FOOFY towels and maybe another box of cereal. But COSTCO has it all!!!! I hear the pizza is amazing too!!!! I gotta go back!!!!!! But this time with a bigger AND empty car!!!!!!

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