Friday, October 24, 2008

Fast food 1/2 price supermarket dinner...

I love Sapporo supermarkets at night... after about 6pm they go crazy marking everything half off!!!!!! And when a banana or other piece of fruit or veggie starts showing a tiny little brown spot then they jump on it and slash the price! whoooo hoooooO!!!!!!

The top dish is some saucy open faced sushi I ate for dinner for only $2!!!

The bottom pineapple was $2 marked down from $4!!! but still... paying $2 for a few pieces of pineapple is nuts after coming from kenya where an entire pineapple in my village would run me 15 shillings!!!! (20 cents)

This ain't no Kenya I've realized!!!

But hey... I gotta toilet and electricity and running water so I can't complain!!!

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