Monday, October 13, 2008

Flea Market and a Crazy Animal Party

On Sunday, John and I met up with Mayumi, Yoshi and another friend at the HUGE Tsudomu Golden Flea Market.

It was like a huge garage sale - with hundreds of vendors under one enormous dome!!!!! They had food vendors and comedians and musicians and other random presentors on a main stage... I bought a few random T-shirts for 10cents each, a nice winter jacket for $8, random crazy japanese toys (one was a black piece of poo with a smiley face on it and the other was a toilet with a santa hat that shook when you pulled a cord... oh yeah! and a few MARIMOS!!!!)

Of course with Japan being a great place with heaps of random crazy activities going on.... around the corner from the Flea Market was a big dog/animal party!!!

They had tents with loads of puppies and animals to play with. Mayu and Yoshi brought their puppy moco tarou with so he could join in the fun! (at the flea market Mayu bought a girlfriend for moco - shes in the pic)

Also at the crazy animal festival - they had wild baby boars walking with tires...

Penguins which ran loose on stage and tried to attack the dogs and children.

Everyone brought their dogs to the event... and they were all dressed to the 9s!!!!! This cute little papillon reminded me of Gizmo.... so I made sure to grab a seat next to the family so I could play with her all day!!! She was pretty underdressed though compared to all of the other dogs. There was a mini-pini in a full out army jacket with a foofy hood, toy poodles in nauseating ballerina dresses, a tea cup chihuahua in tiny little people clothes and more more more...

They also had us up on stage to catch an owl..... Although the owls and falcons got loose and were flying and dive bombing the audience. But it was good times!!!!!!

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