Friday, October 10, 2008

My new soul mates: pigs and squid

After the boys dropped me off at Wakkanai station - I met my soul mate!!!!!

Mr. Hizuki the potbellied pig!!!!!!

His mother was busy eating ramen in the station so I ran up and got permission to play with him for 20 minutes!!!!

He wore the softest little cuddliest pig outfit while he licked and ate the train station's floor. Now how cute can one get????

After I was forced to say goodbye to Mr. Hizuki I was quite depressed so I went shopping and came across another friend..... Mr. Mikka the Ika!!!! (ika=squid)

I made an impulse buy since I was depressed... and forgot to buy dinner for the train. Whoops.

At least I have a new spooning partner!!!

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