Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My purchases from the Tsudomu Golden Market...

Soooo... I guess you could say I hit the jackpot at the Tsudomu Second Hand Golden Market.

Here's one of my top purchases for 150yen ($1.50)

From what I can make out its an angry toilet dressed up as santa claus... On his back is a mistle toe that you pull which makes his little girlfriend toilet paper girl vibrate like crazy and she rings her bell..... Quite amazing!!!

I also found this little black poo toy at another vendor. It was phenominal to reunite the two!!!

I also found MARIMO!!!!!!!!

In the shops around Sapporo he goes for 3,000 yen plus!!! But I used my charm and batted my eyelids quite a few times and bought about a dozen marimos for 400yen!!!!!!!

I can't show all of them since they will be xmas presents for a few special people!!!!!

If you want some explanation on who this marimo character is click here to check out my previous post...

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