Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rebun Island

On Friday night after we further de-mummified and I scrubbed the daylights out of my pirate mustache.... Justin, John, Chris, Rob and I headed up to Wakkanai - the Northernmost city of Japan!!!

A fellow JET was nice enough to lend us his house for the weekend. How lucky was I to be the only gal in a tatami mat sleepover party?!??!!? yeeee ha!!!!

at the crack of dawn we woke up and rushed over to take the ferry to Rebun... We only left a minute to spare so we parked the car and bolted for the ferry boat. It was in a deserted parking lot and there was a tiny metal staircase leading up to the ship... but you had to take a huge leap to get on board. John went first and then I followed. But then it dawned on us.... this can't be right - the boat was empty and we had to LEAP onto it!!!!!! We then realized we were on the wrong boat!!!!!! The 5 of us made a mad dash back to the car and zooooomed over to the actual huge port and flung ourselves at the front desk begging for her to hold the boat..... luckily she walky talkied the captain and we made it!!!! phew!!!!

The boat was quite nice..... it had tatami mat cuddling/spooning/sleeping rooms. Now that's my kinda boat!

Here's Justin and I on our Rebun Sexy Island Abercrombie Photo shoot...

Once we finally touched foot in Rebun.... we unsuccessfully found bikes so decided to take off on a loop hike around the southern part of the island. We made a few wrong turns but it ended up being a gorgeous 5 hour hike. we later read that we had completed the most difficult section of the 8 hour North/South hike! plus took in views of peach rock, the lighthouses and some small fishing towns.

Luckily we made it back well before the ferry took off... we even had enough time to chow down on sushi and curry rice. mmmmm.....

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Colin Woon said...

Interesting & fascinating! I wish I can visit Japan someday!