Friday, October 17, 2008

Student Council Interview...

I had a few students come up to me today for yet ANOTHER interview. This time it was the student council members preparing a page for me in their equivalent of a year book. From what I understood they are having a Callie page. Oh dear...
They printed out a list of questions for me to answer... and told me I had a day to fill it out... Here's a sampling:
Q: What is your blood type?
Q: We are happy to speak you Japanese. Could you tell us how to study Japanese? - i think they meant how do I study Japanese??
Q: What part of good in Japan do you want American to know?
Q: I heard you have been to Africa. What is your impressions?
and my all time favorite:
Q: Could you tell us secrets of your beauty???


1 comment:

Erickson said...

Huh?! Why do they want to know about your blood type?! Perhaps they are hope to be a perfect match as you, I guess! That's strange, but interesting.