Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trick or Treat.... Give me candles or I'll scratch your eyes out!

After school the same small group of guy students come and talk to me for an hour every day.

I was telling them about the Halloween party we had at John's primary school over the weekend and was trying to explain how we go Trick or Treating every year on Halloween...

After they left, one of the neighboring teachers came up to me... This is how our conversation went:

"You know Callie, in Japan we have a similar festival as Trick or Treat!"

"Oh, really???" I asked, "What do you do???"

"Well, children go door to door knocking and they sing a song asking for candles....." He started humming a song and singing the lyrics which went something like... "Give me candles, give me candles, give me candles or I'll scratch your eyes out and bite you!!!!!!" He did this with a serious face and made a big scratching hand gesture towards my face! hahahaha... And then he said the people in the olden days gave candles to the kids - but now they give candy.

I asked if he was joking and then asked for him to repeat the song - just to make sure I heard it right.... and oooooooooh yesssss.... My ears don't lie and he said he was serious.

Wow. That sounds even cooler and more bad ass than Halloween!!!!! I hope I can take part in that festival!!!!

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