Friday, October 10, 2008


After our hike and adventure on Rebun Island we came back to Wakkanai and went for a looooooooong soak in the onsen... It was amazzzzzing!

We then went for monjayaki and okonomiyaki at this little hole in the wall. It was just us and the mama who ran the joint. 1/2 way into our meal, a large drunk group of Japanese came in and were shocked to see 5 gaijin (foreigners) at this little restaurant in Wakkanai. They were so excited that they bought us a round of drinks to cheer with us....

On Sunday morning we slept innnnn and took a drive out to the northernmost tip of Japan... We fought the wind, took pictures and then got a stamped certificate stating that we had been there. It's amazing how much insanely useless crap you can buy at these Japanese souvenir shops!

Although I did find one gem... An ikura (fish eggs) button for my backpack.

The lonely planet we had said that the highlight of Wakkanai was the Breakwater Dome... So we drove to go see it... but it was just a huge concrete 1/2 dome with concrete pillars. I tried to make it exciting for the guys by adding a dance to it...

I think the highlight of Wakkanai for us was the onsen and the purikura photo booth!!! We all crammed in and this is what we came up with!

Before the guys dropped me at the train station we went for a Russian meal... What fun fun times in Wakkanai!!!!

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